100 is the one hundredth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 10th January, 2006

Summary: It's the official 100th episode of The Everyday Happenings of Weebl and Sometimes Weebl's Friend Bob. It's a biiiig old file so be warned. Contains mostly new footage honest.

Transcript Edit

{Weebl is in front a pie under an umbrella.}

WEEBL: {singing} What this that I spy? Oh my! It tasty pie. Ain't nothing gonna' make me cry when I got tasty pie. Hot piss. Hot piss.

{Bob rolls onscreen.}

WEEBL: Lo Bob.

BOB: Lo.

WEEBL: Notice anything, different about me?

BOB: Errrr. Yes! You had a boob job!

WEEBL: I told you before. I not had a boob job. My breast are pert enough.

BOB: So you say.

WEEBL: That right. I do say! Look again aaaand I have pie!

BOB: You got pie!

WEEBL: Yes! And notice, I have protected the pie with an umbrella. I have noticed things tend to fall and spoil out pie.

{Cut to a flashback from get well. Hank tries to commit suicide but lands in the pie.}

HANK: Oof. What the hell? Who put this pie here?

{The flashback ends.}

BOB: That true.

{Cut to a "flashback" from parallel. Weebl and Bob look up and a tumbleweed rolls by.}

BOB: Oh. Well... I guess that the only time something fallen in our pie.


BOB: Anyway. Good thinking

WEEBL: Thank you

BOB: No. Thank you.

{Someone knocks at the door.}

BOB: Someone ringing the bells.


BOB: A haaaaa. I tricked you. We don't have a bells.

WEEBL: Aha. But I trick you. We don't have a house!

BOB: Oh.

WEEBL: The trickster becomes the trickstered. The worm is on the other foot. Ermmm. I'm out

BOB: It for the best

{Someone knocks at the door again.}

BOB: I'll see who it is shall I?

WEEBL: If you don't mind Bob you see I'm rather busy with this pie.


{Bob rolls offscreen.}

WEEBL: Chop chop then

BOB: {whilst rolling} I said k!

WEEBL: Mmmm. Pie.

BOB: {offscreen} Weebl. I think you need to hear this.

WEEBL: Why? Is it a story about how I going to eat this pie?

BOB: Is it about that? No. It about donkey.


{Weebl and Bob are standing on the doorstep. Lemon Curd is there.}

WEEBL: {looking around} Where we get this door?

LEMON CURD: I had it in my car.

WEEBL: How handy.

LEMON CURD: Be prepared is our motto.

BOB: I think you find that the scouts motto.

LEMON CURD: Oh well... what's ours then?

BOB: I think it "to protect and serve."

LEMON CURD: Oh that's not very catchy. I prefer the scout one.

BOB: Me too.

WEEBL: Can we hurry this up? I have a pie to eat.

LEMON CURD: Quite so sir. Ahem.

WEEBL: Come on. Come on.

LEMON CURD: I'm afraid there's been a terrible accident.

WEEBL: There be another if you don't hurry up!

LEMON CURD: Donkey has been seriously hurt.

WEEBL: Donkey? Nooooooooo!

BOB: I get the car

LEMON CURD: There's no need. Thanks to portadoor 2000.

{Zoom out to show the doorstep on wheels being pulled by Shopkeep.}

SHOPKEEP: {panting} Oh yeah. Everyone thank the door.

{Cut to Weebl, Bob and Chris in a hospital outside the donkey ward. Donkey is in a bed behind the glass.}

WEEBL: How this happen Chris?

CHRIS: We be doing position 97 near a porthole... and she just fell out.

BOB: That is a tricky one.

WEEBL: What are you two talking about?

BOB: Number 97!

WEEBL: Err... k

CHRIS: Surely ye be knowing what number 97 be?

BOB: Of course he does. everyone knows 97.

{Weebl looks around.}

WEEBL: Err. Oh. Hey look. It Apple Dave!

{Apple Dave enters from the right, a spotlight shines on him and he begins singing.}

APPLE DAVE: {singing} Apple Dave is here one again. I been seeing to your momma... and now im gonna see to your sister too! Yeah. Yeah. They're both gonna love it. Because of my big throbbing...

CHRIS: Still thy melodic rocking Apple Dave. This is not the time.

BOB: Who the hell is he anyway?

{Chris turns to look at Donkey in bed.}

CHRIS: Avast! Donkey has awoken!

{Weebl, Bob and Chris are gathered around Donkey's bed.}

WEEBL: Quiet. I think she trying to say something

BOB: This TV channel sucks.

DONKEY: {coughs} Minge.

WEEBL: Minge?

BOB: What can it mean? Maybe it the name of a toy she hold dear.

WEEBL: Or... maybe it the name of a belgian town she visited.

BOB: Or her first lover!

CHRIS: No. She just be loving to swear like a fishwife.

WEEBL: I have to say I'm actually quite shocked.

BOB: Well at least she getting better.


{Donkey gasps for breath and the heart monitor next to her flatlines.}

WEEBL: Hehehe. What she saying now? The censors gone mad.

BOB: Hehe.

WEEBL: Hehehe

CHRIS: Donkey?

BOB: Oh.

WEEBL: Oh. Bu... I love Donkey... Donkey don't die!

{A heavenly light shines upon Donkey as everything fades to black, then text appears reading "R.I.P. Donkey, 2002 - 2006".}

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