Advert is the sixth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 20th June, 2002

Duration: 1:18

Summary: Pie scented cleaner! Buy some now! You'll LOVE the free gift!

Tune: None specified.

Credits: Jonti Picking

Transcript Edit

{A lady appears.}

ANNOUNCER: Do you and your family love fresh wholesome smell of pie-scented cleaner?

LADY: Uh huh!

ANNOUNCER: Find that's just never enough to go around?

LADY: I sure do.

ANNOUNCER: Well, look no further. Ronco bring you THE BIG ONE!

{Cut to a mountain. A bottle of Dettox Bleach is next to it. The words "THE BIG ONE!!" is above the mountain.}

LADY: Well hot piss!

ANNOUNCER: Yes, folks! For the low, low, price of $19.99, you too can have that "mmmmm pie" freshness all year long!

{The words "LOW LOW PRICE!!", "$19.99!!", then "Mmmmmmmm!" appears next to the lady.}

ANNOUNCER: Let's see what some of our customers have to say about this great offer!

{Cut to Angry Paul's head and part of his spine floating in a machine.}

ANGRY PAUL: Even cleans up my difficult stains.

{Cut to Hairy Lee with his hypnotized eyes.}

HAIRY LEE: Buy pie scented cleaner!

{Cut to Wee Bull in front of a microphone. He blows three puffs of air.}

ANNOUNCER: So there you have it!

LADY: Oooooooh!

ANNOUNCER: But that's not all. Order today and not only will you receive 5 gallon BIG ONE-

{Cut to the mountain, the bottle, and the words from before in the episode.}

ANNOUNCER: You'll also get the-

{Cut to a screen blinking "FREE SHIT!!!!"}

ANNOUNCER: "We am de best" foam hat.

{Cut to Hat Man wearing a hat saying "we am de best!!!"}

HAT MAN: So chique!

{Cut to the word "AND".}

ANNOUNCER: And trained monkey.

{Cut to a monkey.}

MONKEY: Hello there.

ANNOUNCER: To order your BIG ONE-

{Cut to the mountain, bottle, and words.}

ANNOUNCER: Call 0800-MMM-PIE now!

{Cut to a screen saying "Call 0800-MMM-PIE NOW!". The words "calls may be recorded for phone sex line purposes" are at the bottom of the screen.}

{Cut to Weebl and Bob watching.}

WEEBL: Ooooooh!

BOB: {drool}

WEEBL: Quick Bob. Dial the number now!

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