Angry is the fifth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 11th June, 2002

Duration: 1:30

Summary: Weebl attempts to take care of Angry Paul, but gets into trouble when pie just doesn't cut it.

Tune: Sacré Français - Dimitri from Paris

Credits: Jonti Picking

Transcript Edit

WEEBL: Angry Paul. It dinner time!

{Angry Paul bounces onscreen.}

ANGRY PAUL: What we eat?


ANGRY PAUL: Me want Sunny Delight!

WEEBL: You not allowed Sunny Delight! Try pie. Try.

{Angry Paul starts yelling uncaptioned gibberish and Weebl gets a shocked look on his face.}

WEEBL: But.. But... Bob said to bring you pie.

{Angry Paul starts yelling gibberish and Weebl gets a shocked expression again.}

WEEBL: Fine. Have Sunny Delight.

{Weebl tosses Angry Paul a bottle of Sunny Delight.}

ANGRY PAUL: Mmmm. Sunny Dee!

{Angry Paul drinks some Sunny Delight, then his eyes become mismatched and his hands start twitching.}


{Angry Paul starts to shake then explodes.}

WEEBL: Ooh. Like little firework!

{Bob rolls onscreen.}

WEEBL: Lo Bob!

BOB: Lo. Where my child?

WEEBL: All over the place!

BOB: Nooooooooo! I just clean that floor.

WEEBL: It ok! I bring pie scented cleaner.

BOB: Mmmmm! Pie.

{The screen cuts to white and an advertisement for Dettox Bleach appears.}

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