Anyhoo is the eighty third episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 20th March, 2005

Summary: Monkey sings about why he can't be caught, and in a rare turn of events, Bob outwits him.

Tune: Anyhoo - Monkey and Co.

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

{We start at a large well.}

MONKEY: {singing} I'm down in a well.

{Monkey is on a tree branch.}

MONKEY: {singing} now I'm up in a tree.

{Monkey is in the regular background.}

MONKEY: {singing} I am the monkey and you can't stop me.

{Weebl appears to the left of Monkey with his pie cannon.}

WEEBL: {singing} Yes I can with my handy cannon.

MONKEY: {singing} No you can't 'cos it's poorly maintained... and you filled it with gammon.

{The cannon drops to the floor, spilling gammon to the floor, before the sides fall down and it comes crashing to the floor.}

WEEBL: Oh dick sprouts!

{Cut to the zoo which has a sign reading "CLOSED DUE TO LACK OF MONKEYS" on it.}

MONKEY: {singing, offscreen} I escaped from the zoo.

{Monkey is sitting on a large pile of poo.}

MONKEY: {singing} Had a really big poo. Why can I never make it to the loo?

{Pan down to see Bob stuck in the poo.}

BOB: {singing} I've always wanted to know that myself. all of this plop can't be good for our health.

{Monkey moves forwards, then to the side, whilst the music plays on.}

MONKEY: {singing} And so you see you can't catch me.

WEEBL: What if I surrounded you with foxes?

MONKEY: Ah, I don't think you have any of those.

WEEBL: Shut up! There's ten in these boxes.

{Behind Weebl and Monkey are boxes, one marked "TOP SECRET". From behind the top box, Bob appears.}

BOB: No there isn't. That where we keep the ark of the covenant.

WEEBL: Shut up Bob! You know we not meant to talk about that.

BOB: Yeah? Well it better than lying about foxes!

MONKEY: I can't believe you'd lie about having foxes.

BOB: I know! it terrible.

WEEBL: I only want to trap you.

BOB: I know how to trap him.

MONKEY: Really?

BOB: Yes.

WEEBL: {confused} How?

BOB: I would surround him with toilets.

MONKEY: Oh bravo.

BOB: What do I win?

MONKEY: You'd win a voucher for 10p off sprouts. Cash value: 0.001 pence.

BOB: It hardly worth it!

MONKEY: That is why I remain at large. Even to this day.

WEEBL: {confused} My face is stuck!

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