Art is the twelfth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 21th July, 2002

Summary: The death of Weebl and Bob! Or is it? You can never tell with these arthouse shenanigans.

Tune: Funeral Music (Winds) - Van den Budenmayer

Credits: Jonti Picking

Transcript Edit

{We start at a black and white, crackly screen. Weebl and Bob are wearing a wig and glasses and are standing at a table with an empty dish on it. The Grim Reaper is in the background.}

WEEBL: This dish.

BOB: The dish of life.

WEEBL: It held love of mine. Now lie... empty.

BOB: My heart like dish... is empty.

WEEBL: Once it was full.

BOB: With pie?

WEEBL: Full with my pie. Pie.

BOB: Now pie gone. Yet we hunger.

WEEBL: Hunger for pie.

BOB: Yes. Pie.

{Cut to a close-up of the dish. It has a few crumbs and a fly in it. The fly flies offscreen.}

{Cut back to the previous view.}

WEEBL: Where go the pie? I had none. That is the question.

BOB: Me had none. Now like my innocence. Pie gone.

WEEBL: Life, why you mock me. Why my pie? Why?

{The Grim Reaper burps.}

GRIM REAPER: Lo. I have become death. Stealer of pie.

{Cut to a black screen saying "FIN".}

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