Asshat is the thirty first episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 11th March, 2003

Summary: Rob Manuel guests directs an episode which is billed as a 'totally biting satire'. So I hear.

Tune: UG - Mr Scruff

Credits: Rob Manuel

Transcript Edit

{Lines and Weebl are distorted.}

WEEBL:' {unusual voice} Want pie now!

{Scooby Doo rolls in.}

WEEBL: Lo bob, you have pie? You no bob.

SCOOBY: {in dog-like voice} No.


SCOOBY: Scooby!


SCOOBY:' Scooby snacks!

WEEBL: Scooby snacks not pie.

SCOOBY: Weebl?

WEEBL: Scooby?

SCOOBY: How come we can understand each other when we're both entirely unintelligible?

WEEBL: Speech bubbles.

{Zoom in to Weebl.}

WEEBL: Bubble! bubble! bubble! bubble! bubble! BUBBLE!

SCOOBY: You're gay.

WEEBL: The spelling is a bit dodgy too.

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