"Babies" is a toon.

Description: A song all about making babies since I am an expert at such things.


Take me to the hospital, lady:

Gonna have another baby,

gotta hava a big baby!

Take me to the hospital, lady:

gotta poo out a baby, pow pow pow!

Twenty babies: pow pow pow pow!!

Fifteen babies: pow pow pow pow

Ten more babies: pow pow pow pow!

Would you like a baby?

I can make you one now!

Ladies, ladies, I know all about making babies, yo yo yo yo!

Ladies, ladies, I make babies every day, yeah!

I got my own ward down the hospital

'Cause I got so many babies, yeah!

I got an ambulance that ferries me

back and forth to my crib and the hospital.

Ooh, I'm making babies!

yeah, it's so easy!

Have a sandwich, make a baby;

Have a pizza, make another three!

Watch out, I'm eating a bagel!

Eighteen hundred thousand more babies on the way!

Pow pow pow!

Pow! [At the end of the non-looped version]


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