Bag is the twenty-ninth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 13st February, 2003

Summary: Prepare yourselves to witness the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. Bob's arse. Based on American Beauty.

Tune: Big Amoeba Sound - Max and Harvey

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

{Weebl is in front of a widescreen TV.}

WEEBL: {singing} I looking for my pie... I want a hot hot pie... give me, a pie.

{Bob rolls onscreen.}

WEEBL:: Huarrgh! Lo bob.

BOB: Lo.

WEEBL: Bob. Bob.

BOB: Yes.

WEEBL: You want to see most beautiful thing I ever filmed?

BOB: k.

{The music changes and the TV turns on to show a bag floating around. Weebl and Bob turn to face the TV.} You been hiding in car parks again?

WEEBL: Wait! This wrong tape.

{The music changes as the TV changes to show a pie.}

BOB: Mmmmmm. Pie.

WEEBL: Mmmmmmmmmm.

BOB: Beautiful. Hold on. Where you get money for tv?

WEEBL: I found money in your room.

BOB: In my top secret hiding place?

WEEBL: Yes. It was in your he-man castle.

BOB: But that was for your birthday. To buy you big pie!

{Weebl turns around.}

WEEBL: Noooooooooooooo!

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