Birthday is the thirty seventh episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 6th June, 2003

Summary: Weebl and Bob have been together for a whole year, and its time to celebrate with a massive cake. And some worrying filling.

Tune: UG - Scruff

Credits: Weebl and the Darling

Transcript Edit

{Weebl is rocking next to a cake.}

WEEBL: Bob! Bob!

{Bob rolls onscreen.}

BOB: Lo.

WEEBL: Has it really been a year?

BOB: Yes.

WEEBL: Blimey! What that behind you?

BOB: Hmmm. It not pie.

WEEBL: It must be a trap. Let's blow it up with hand grenades!


{Weebl and Bob get out hand grenades then Hairy Lee in a wig and make-up pops out of the cake, shocking them.}

HAIRY LEE: {singing} Happy brithday to you. Happy brithday to you. Happy birthday. Weebl and bob. Birthday to you.

WEEBL: Hot poop. My eyes!

BOB: That's just scary. I scarred for life.

WEEBL: This is the worst birthday ever.

BOB: and we only had one.

WEEBL: well done hairy lee.

BOB: And did you have to shave down there?

{Hairy Lee becomes sad.}

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