Birthday Wishes is the sixty fourth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 17th May, 2004

Summary: Birthday Wishes - Happy birthday mister Picking!

Tune: Spanish Flea

Credits: Blue Hippo, Poofbird, and Skoo

Transcript Edit

NARRATOR: Due to the miming habits of the Weebl and Bob forum's leading thespaisn, the voices in the following feature will suck. and so will the accents.

{Weebl is wearing a party hat and has a wrapped present behind him. Bob rolls onscreen.}

BOB: Weebl?

WEEBL: Yes Bob?

BOB: Why are you wearing that hat? And whats in the box?

WEEBL: I'm not sure bob. I woke up with the hat, and I didn't even realize there was a box. Whats the box say?

BOB: It says... "To: J. Picking, From: Birthday Fairy"

WEEBL: Open it! Open it!


BIRTHDAY FAIRY: {off screen} Oi, you get your grubby hands off that box, your name a'int J. Picking now is it?

{From the right of the screen, the Birthday Fairy floats on.}

WEEBL: Who are you?

BIRTHDAY FAIRY: I'm the birthday fairy you twat.

WEEBL: So what's in the box?

BOB: Is it pie?

BIRTHDAY FAIRY: No, now shut up and go away.

WEEBL: It smells like poop.

{A flatuance is heard.}

BOB: Eww.

MONKEY: {inside box} Sorry.

BOB: Monkey?

BIRTHDAY FAIRY: Oh you little sod, who the hell told you?

BOB: I smelled him.

{From behind the box appears Monkey.}

MONKEY: Hello there.

BIRTHDAY FAIRY: Oi, you, get back in the box.

{Monkey goes back into the box.}

BOB: Why didn't i get a Monkey for my birthday?

WEEBL: No one likes you Bob.

BOB: {softly} Wanker.

WEEBL: So who is this J. Picking anyways?

BIRTHDAY FAIRY: He's a very mysterious man. Legend has it that he took on a pack of wolves bare handed.


BIRTHDAY FAIRY: Right, well i'm off to the bar to get pissed. Don't open the box.

{From behind the box, a small lump of feces appears.}

BIRTHDAY FAIRY: Filthy animal.

{The Birthday Fairy disappears to the right.}

WEEBL: I feel as though we should say happy birthday.

BOB: I want a monkey. sniff

WEEBL: Happy 29th birthday Jonti!

BOB: How do you know he's 29? And who's Jonti?

WEEBL: Shut up Bob.

BOB: Stupid Jonti, gets a monkey.

{The screen fades to large letters saying "HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY JONTI PICKING".}

NARRATOR: Happy 29th Birthday, Jonti Picking.

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