Bob's Week in France Part 2 is the nineteenth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 30th September, 2002

Summary: Bob meets up with his cousin Angry Pierre for a right royal drinking session.

Tune: Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White - Perez Prado

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

{A DAY 2 calendar sits on the top right hand side.}

'BOB: Ah France.

{Bob looks around.}

BOB: Change of scene is gooood.

{Angry Pierre bounces onscreen.}

BOB: Angry pierre!

ANGRY PIERRE: Bonjour cousin bob.

BOB: Lo. So.


BOB: Oui.

{Scene changes and Bob and Pierre are sitting at a bar; they have a drink each}

BOB: This stool high.

ANGRY PIERRE: More beer?

BOB: Yes.

{Scene changes with the word "LATER". The bar appears again and Bob and Pierre are not looking so good. There are more glasses on the bar.}


BOB: Yes.

{Scene changes again with the word LATER; the bar appears again and Bob and Pierre are dishevelled. There are multiple glasses on the table.}

ANGRY PIERRE: {slurring} Lesh go boogie.

BOB: Yay.

{Bob falls off his stool onto the floor with a thud. Pierre looks down at him.}

BOB: Ow. Ooh a biscuit.

{Pierre unzips his pants and starts peeing on Bob.}'

BOB: Stop peeing on me.

{Scene changes and the music starts up for "YMCA". Bob and Pierre re-appear in different spots a few times. Bob is on the left, and Pierre is on the right. There are flashing lights and Pierre starts to dance as the words say "it's fun to stay at the YMCA".}

ANGRY PIERRE: {slurring} Titty biscuits. No arms.

BOB: {high-pitched voice} me hungry. could murder a pie! {hiccups}

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