Bob's Week in France Part 3 is the twentieth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 1st October, 2002

Summary: The morning after the night before. This one might be a little worse than usual though. Kevin is voiced by Cheechy.

Tune: Cat Blues - Mr. Scruff and Yoko Kanno

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

{Day 3 calander appears in the left corner. Bob is asleep on the left-hand side of a bed. Bob wakes up, looking hungover.}

BOB: Ow. My head. Something smells like wee. {sniffs} Oh. It me.

{A man with long hair emerges from the right-hand side of the bed.}

BOB: Er. Who are you?

MAN: (with French accent) My name is Kevin. I am a stripper. I have a big willy.

{Bob shrinks back into the covers.}

BOB: I think you should leave. Quietly.

KEVIN: But i love you.

BOB: Blimey.

{Fade to find purple background. Bob on right hand of screen and Angry Pierre on right.}

ANGRY PIERRE: You look like the poop.

BOB: Yes.

ANGRY PIERRE: You also smell like the poop.

BOB: It's wee.




BOB: Yes.

{Angry Pierre Pierre shakes arms in anger.}

ANGRY PIERRE: What that on your side?

{Zooms in on Bob's torso to find a scar. Zoom back out.}

BOB: A scar. Kevin stole my kidney.


BOB: I mean kelly. It ok, I have plenty more.

{A basket falls into the middle of the scene. It has "Bob's Kidney Basket (Do Not Steal)" written on the side.}

ANGRY PIERRE: how handy.

VOICEOVER: A public safety warning on behalf of the foriegn office. The French are notorious kidney thieves. When traveling abroad, be like Bob, always carry a spare. You never know when you might need it in the company of the wily frenchman. And Remember: You know you've lost a kidney when you can smell wee, its a classic sign of the french kidney thief. Only a fool forgets this rule.

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