Bob's Week in France Part 4 is the twenty-first episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 2st October, 2002

Summary: Angry Pierre takes Bob to see the sights of France.

Tune: Sacré Charlemagne - France Gall

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

{Day 4 calander appears in the left corner.}

BOB: Today I feel like new man.

ANGRY PIERRE: You had one yesterday.

BOB: That hurts.

ANGRY PIERRE: You'd know.

BOB: Yes. Let's go sightseeing.

ANGRY PIERRE: Maintenant.

{Fade to show Angry Pierre and Bob in a car heading right. They pass a sign saying "Paris: Over There ->". They arrive at at a tower with a pie-dish on top of it.}

ANGRY PIERRE: Le pie-fell tower.

{Silence. Angry Pierre gets impatient}

BOB: It not very big.


BOB: Can we go now?

ANGRY PIERRE: {angrily} Non! We will look at the tower! Till you like it!


{Silence. Angry Pierre shakes his fists. A bird files onto the pie-fell tower.}

BIRD: Coo.

{The pie dish folds over and catches the bird like a Venus-fly-trap}

BOB: Ooooh.

ANGRY PIERRE: Now, we may go.

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