Bob's Week in France Part 5 is the twenty-third episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 19th November, 2002

Summary: Back in France, we find Bob and Angry Pierre sunning themselves the beach, but things don't stay peaceful for long.

Tune: Accordian Musette - Reine de Musett

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

{A Day 5 is in the top right corner.}

BOB: What we do today?

ANGRY PIERRE: We will go to the beach.

BOB: Can I make sand pies?



{Bob and Angry Pierre drive in a car past a sign that reads "BEACH - no digging holes you english pig dog!". Scene changes to Bob and Angry Pierre at the beach. There is a large umbrella shading them and Angry Pierre has a bottle of Orangina next to him.}

BOB: This beach lovely! There a hint of pie on breeze.

ANGRY PIERRE: And I have my Orangina.

{A sea turtle comes from the left of the screen and lands on Bob, who seems quite shocked.}

BOB: Blimey!

ANGRY PIERRE: I think it's trying to hatch you.

BOB: This never happen to weebl.

ANGRY PIERRE: What would he do?

BOB: let me think.

{Fade to Weebl, rocking from side-to-side in a dream-like motion.}

WEEBL: Wanker. Wanker. Wan kerrrrr.

{Fade back to Bob and Angry Pierre on the beach.}

BOB: I can't imagine. Wait. I have idea.

{Bob gathers his strength and lets off a rather large flatuance, firing him out from under the sea turtle, knocking over Angry Pierre's Orangina before disappearing offscreen.}

ANGRY PIERRE: Mmmmm. Interesting aroma. {looks down at spilt bottle of Orangina} You spilt my orangina! Nooooooo. The family curse.

{Angry Pierre head flies off his body.}

BOB: {offscreen} think it time I left.

SEA TURTLE: And how.

{Angry Pierre's head returns from the sky, hitting the sea turtle on its head, killing it instantly.}

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