Bob's Week in France Part 6 is the twenty-fourth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 3th December, 2002

Summary: Bob says his farewell to Angry Pierre before going home on the ill-fated 'HMS Pietanic'.

Tune: Valley of the Sausages - Mr. Scruff

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

{Bob is standing near to Angry Pierre's grave. The gravestone reads "Angry Pierre R.I.P. 'damn you oranges. you win this time'."}

BOB: See you Angry Pierre. I had nice time. Actually. Most of it poop. Sorry 'bout the death thing.

{Fade to Bob at the front of the ship.}

BOB: Aaaaahhh. Soon I be home.

{Pan right to the center of the ship, where Chris the Ninja Pirate is standing.}


{Pan back to Bob.}

BOB: Everything great.

{Zoom out to show the ship sinking, with Bob on the top.}

BOB: Titty biscuits.

{Cut to large text reading 'LATER' expanding out from the center of the screen, before fading out to Bob, floating in the sea on a basket that reads "bobs kidney basket. do not steal!" Bob has long hair and stubble on his face.}

BOB: Feel I not had pie for days. How long I been out here? On this cruel, cruel seas.

WEEBL: {off screen} 20 minutes.

BOB: {looking up} Weebl?

WEEBL: Bob. I in a helicopter. Why you not get rescue boat with others? Wanker.

BOB: I missed you.

WEEBL: where my present?

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