Bob is Weebl's "friend", and producer of many Flash animations throughout the series. He looks like Weebl except for the fact that he is smaller (he was once Weebl's size, until an overdose on cheese). Like Weebl, he also likes pie – and "butters" [sic] (see episode pikea). His last name, Bobertson, is revealed in show, and is shown again in Team Laser Explosion 3, when Weebl draws their new logo on the back of Bob's will. His last name can also be seen in the credits of some of the "made by Bob" cartoons and on his blog. Bob also became a goth (because he was depressed about not having pie, and he found the cloak and the wig in a ditch) in the episode gothic but that lasted only for that episode. During that episode he called himself "Bob... Lord of the Dark... things".

Bob seems to show a fear of bees and, after Weebl's bath water destroyed his computer in upgrade, a fear of liquid. He is also allergic to cats. His new computer is apparently possessed by - and has affiliations with - the supernatural, as it gets demonic messages, shoots blood from the screen, makes groaning noises and came with an Angel of Death and an evil lamp (the reason being that 'Pissy Werld', the place from which it was purchased, is owned by a demon). He is also allergic to cat fur (dan), as characterised by pink spots, red eyes, and huge swelling lumps on his head.

In the episode joust, we are told that Bob was once married, to a "Millionaire Supermodel Scientist," but Weebl destroyed the marriage with his constant demands for a duel. We are also told that his wife lost a toe in the duel, and that Bob retained the "zombie toe," until that, too, left him. Bob also frequently visits a book club, and it is evident that he has not yet reached puberty (pikea 2). Bob also knows nothing about farming emu.

Bob often questions and pities Weebl's strange ways, though Bob himself does sometimes show a perverted nature, as seen on in pieku, when he admitted he wasn't wearing pants, and said "lo! meet my penis!" This, however, turned out to actually be "pianist", as Weebl misheard Bob.

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