Box Cat


Most likely male
Fur Color
Gray (as seen in episode 15)

Box Cat is a cat who lives with Cat Face in his house. As his name implies, Box Cat lives inside a box and has the most contact with Cat Face and is considered unnatural due to his disposition to heat since he cant sun like regular cats.


Box Cat is very fond of Boxes and is never seen outside one. On Halloween, he even dressed up as a Box Turtle. He seems to be very irresponsible, refusing to come out of his box on several occasions, and inviting in many female cats to live with them in the episode 'Snippy Snips.' He does seem to be somewhat civil, such as watching TV and playing Video Games with Cat Face at one point or another.

Box Cat's BoxEdit

Box Cat is very fond of his box, refusing to come out at all unless he decides to move into a more suitable box. Because of this, Cat Face has described him as, a "freak of nature," and also as, "some sort of hermity crab."

Box Cat also keeps a Cat Nip plant as revealed in episode 5. In episode 15 Box Cat was also once stung by a wasp, to which Cat Face complains because Box Cat is allergic, causing him to humorously very suddenly swell up in his box.

Box Cat also doesn't really speak, he doesn't even actually sing when he sings along to a Christmas carol in episode 6, yet Cat Face can always understand him.

In episode 16 he gains a new box, purple with a pink heart, that he stole from a trap that Cat Face had set for a bully ginger tom cat, yet of course it does not appear in any proceeding episode.

box cat also has 3 kittens who also live in a box and a human boy son who wears a box on his head

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