Weebl- Lo Boberto Consware

Bob- Lo Justice Shades

Weebl- It looks like this man... Has been shot

Bob- Twelve times in the face

Weebl- A real...Baker's Dozen

  • Cuts to opening sequence introducing Weebl Bull and Bob in which a loud scream can be heard followed by music*

Bob- But a baker's dozen is thirteen!

Weebl- Unlucky...for some

  • loud scream followed by music*

Bob- Where that music coming from?!

Weebl- What music?

Bob- Are you paying the who to follow us around again?

Weebl- *turns red* No

Bob- What did the chief say about wasting taxpayers money?

Weebl- That it was okay?

Bob- No! Anyways I found a prints.

Weebl- Looks like someone was trying... to get in touch...

  • loud scream followed by music*

Bob- STOP! STOP! STOP! Someone's died here and you're making jokes! And you're playing loud music the who!

Who- Sorry man we'll be quiet I promise.

Bob- Wait, what's this? This man's feet are covered in honey!

Weebl- Looks like he met...a sticky end...

  • loud scream followed by music*

Bob- Okay. That's it. I quit.

Weebl- What? Why?

Bob- And what is it with those damn shades as well?

Weebl- I have stink eye

Bob- Oh. Right. Sorry.

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