Cat Face is a floating cat with an unusually big head. He speaks with a French accent, but his appearance contrasts with his attitude, which is dry, direct, cynical and freely critical, linked stereotypically with his accent. He has several doors in his house, one to another dimension which resembles Hell, which, upon discovering it for the first time, said that he "didn't remember asking for this one, but I like it". Cat face does not approve of the website 'lolcats' as he finds it an insult to his people. Catface lives with his friend, Boxcat and has various other friends including Posh Tom, the Elderly Lady, and Mr. So Called Ramsey.


Though Cat Face's personality is mostly dry, direct, cynical, and freely critical, he is extremely sensitive about his species, going so far as to create an entire website in response to discovering, saying that it was "science gone mad I tell you!" He also seems to be very helpful towards his friends, this is shown in such cases as helping Box Cat find a pet, advising Posh Tom to go inside during the fireworks show, and shouting help to Face Cat when he wandered outside during the same show.


Cat Face has several acquantinces, albeit most of these relationships seem to only exist in Cat Face's mind. He gets along well with Box Cat, even though they oftenly argue or talk to eachother with little to no respect for the other whatsoever. Cat Face has also kidnapped an Elderly Lady, thinking that they are very good friends, though in reality, the Elderly Lady wants to go home, albeit this was early in the series. The Elderly Lady now seems to like Cat Face much more, leading her to take him for a makeover, and to save him and Box Cat from the Crazy Cat Lady. Though both instances may have resulted from the Lady experiencing a moment of stupidity, or rather, a lasp in concentration on certain aspects of what was going on around her. Cat Face also lives with Mr. So Called Ramsey, though their relationship can't be determined for sure.