Cat Face is the first episode of the series Cat Face.

Posted: 16th June, 2007

Summary: Cat Face. He's got a big cat face. Based on actual events.

Transcript Edit

{The normal theme plays.}

{Cut to Catface in the kitchen.}

NARRATOR: Catface was in the kitchen, rummaging through the cupboards looking for something to eat.

CATFACE: There's no ash flavored with fish in here. There's no wood products that smell like beef.

{Close-up of Catface holding a bottle labeled 'BLEACH'.}

CATFACE: What is this? This no good for me! I must go go to the shops, yes.

{Cut to a neighborhood. Catface is flying above a street with various silhouettes of kids waving and yelling.}

NARRATOR: So off Catface went, floating down the street, children waving as he passed by.

CATFACE: You kids, go! Out my way! Shoo! I'm off to the shops, you know?

{Cut to a shop. Catface is floating next to the cash register.}

SHOPKEEPER: Hello, Catface, eh, what can-

{The shopkeeper catches on fire and Catface flies away.}

CATFACE: I hate that shopkeeper, I don't even know why I came here. They don't even sell cat food. This is a wood shop or something. I don't know, I don't care. I'm a cat, I can't read.

{Cut to a blue screen with an aqua circle in the center and the words "Silly Catface in the top left corner. Catface's head appears in the circle.}

NARRATOR: Silly Catface.

CATFACE: Hey, kids, stay in school, eh?

{The circle closes and the words fade out.}

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S'got the body of a cat

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