This is the second of The Weebl's Cat Face series, posted on his own website. A simple story about Cat Face finding an old lady and bringing her to his home.

Summary: Cat Face spots an old lady.

Posted: 23 June 2007

== Transcript==

{The normal theme plays.}

{Cut to Catface on the street.}

{NARRATOR} Cat Face was coming back from the shops, when he spotted an old lady trying to cross the road.

{CAT FACE} Hey lady! What are you doing? You are too old to cross the road on your own. Come, come, stroke me.

{Old Lady strokes Cat Face}

{CAT FACE} Yes, you like that.

{OLD LADY} Oh, lovely little pussums.

{CAT FACE} Oh yes, that's right, yes. I like the stroking with the bony hands.

{Cat Face rubs against Old Lady}

{CAT FACE} See? I'm rubbing you. You know what that means.

{Cut to a room in Catface's house}

{CAT FACE} {shooing the old lady into the room} There you go, you're safe in here. You belong to me.

{OLD LADY} This is a lovely room, deary, but I've got to go get my pension.

{CAT FACE} {shakes his head} No, no, you don't need money now. I rubbed you much because of your smell, yes? You smell nice, you belong to me. You stay here.

{OLD LADY} But I really can't--

{CAT FACE} You stay here, my specialty. Be safe. {closing door} Good-bye.

{OLD LADY} Oh...

{Cut to the kitchen}

{CAT FACE} Oh, I forgot my shopping. What am I doing?!

{Cut to "Silly Catface"}

{NARRATOR} Silly Catface!

{CAT FACE} Recycle your pop cans, kids. You know you can do your bit too.

{Episode ends}

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