Chat is the fifty-second episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 12th December, 2003

Summary: Its a relaxing look behind the scenes as Weebl and Bob have a nice gossip with Tit for Tat: Celebrity Chitchat.

Tune: Trijgoirjgorij - Gregory Dunns Arse

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

{Screen displays 'TIT FOR TAT: CELEBRITY CHITCHAT', then cuts to the Clive on-screen on his own.}

CLIVE: Hi and welcome to Tit for Tat. As Weebl and Bob reach the milestone that is episode number 52, we thought we'd take time out and get to know our stars better.

{Camera cuts to Weebl and Bob sitting on director's chairs, wearing sunglasses. The "purple background" can be seen behind them, looking like a movie set.}

CLIVE: {offscreen} Thanks for being able to meet us guys.

WEEBL: No problem. Anything for a fan.

CLIVE: Oh I'm not a fan. Weebl and Bob you are known as the most professional of... things...

WEEBL: That's right James, can I call you James?

CLIVE:' Well, my name's actually Clive.

WEEBL: Right you are James.

CLIVE: So today we shall see some of your bloopers.

BOB: Will this make us look silly?

CLIVE: No more than usual.

BOB: Phew! We have a reputation to keep you know.

CLIVE: Indeed.

WEEBL: You mean I do Bob.

BOB: But...

WEEBL: No Bob.

BOB: wan...

{The screen flashes up with "WEEBL AND BOB OUTTAKES, TAKE 1, EPISODE: PIE."}

WEEBL: Lo Bob.

{Bob goes rolling past Weebl and off screen.}

BOB: Aaargh!

WEEBL: OK, who waxed the floor?

{The screen flashes up with "WEEBL AND BOB OUTTAKES, TAKE 2, EPISODE: PIE." Bob rolls onscreen.}

WEEBL:' Lo Bob, you have pie?

BOB: Yes.

WEEBL: You like yams?

BOB: Yams?

WEEBL: Sorry, I was miles away.

BOB: This here's pie country!

{The screen flashes up with "WEEBL AND BOB OUTTAKES, TAKE 3, EPISODE: PIE." Bob comes sliding across the screen and hits Weebl, knocking his top half off screen.}

BOB: Medic!

{The screen flashes up with "WEEBL AND BOB OUTTAKES, TAKE 4, EPISODE: PIE." Weebl is bandaged up due to the earlier incident.}

{Weebl mumbles incoherently.}

BOB: What?

{The screen flashes up with "WEEBL AND BOB OUTTAKES, TAKE 5, EPISODE: PIE - two weeks later".}

WEEBL: Me like pie.

BOB: Yes.

{A studio microphone comes in and knocks Weebl's top half off-screen.}

WEEBL: {off-screen} Bumhats!

MICROPHONE OPERATOR: {off-screen} Sorry!

{The screen flashes up with "WEEBL AND BOB OUTTAKES, TAKE 6, EPISODE: PIE - two weeks later".}

BOB: Mmmmmmm pie!

WEEBL: Mmmmmm. Pie. Pie. Pie. Pie. Pie. Pie. Pie... Err. Line?

BOB: I think it's 'pie'.

PROMPT: {off-screen} "Pie"!

{We cut back to the film set studio. Weebl and Bob are still in the same positions.}

WEEBL: Like I said: complete professionals.

{Immediately after this, Weebl falls backwards off the director's chair.}

CLIVE: Thank you, Weebl and Bob.

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