Cheese is the thirty ninth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 6th July, 2003

Summary: Oh cheese. When will people learn your dangers? Now! Idea by Darling.

Tune: Birdy Song - Black Lace : Just Say No - Grange Hill

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

{We start at a green screen, with the words "DANGER: CHEESE" and a disclaimer under it.}

VOICEOVER: Danger! Cheese!

{Cut to Weebl. He have a mullet and a deeper voice.}

WEEBL: Bob! Bob!

{Bob, also with a mullet and deep voice, rolls onscreen.}

BOB: Hello.

WEEBL: I've been so bored since the string on my yo-yo broke.

BOB: If only we had something to consume our time.

WEEBL: Hmmm. Consume eh?

BOB: Yes. Consume.

WEEBL: I know just the man we need.

BOB: Hurrah.

{Fade to the caption "A FEW MINUTES LATER". Fade back. Hairy Lee rolls onscreen.}

WEEBL: Hello Baldie Lee.

BOB: You're looking very smooth.

WEEBL: Did you come on your chopper?


BOB: Did you bring the cheese?


{Cut to the cheese on a plate with "CENSORED" signs on them.}

BOB: I'm nervous.

WEEBL: What can possibly happen. Lets eat.

{Cut to a "CENSORED" screen, with eating noises being heard.}

WEEBL: Woooooo. Lets have a wild party!

BOB: I'm nervous.


{Spotlights flash down on Weebl, Bob and Baldie Lee in turn, while the 'Birdy Song' plays. Weebl and Bob jump up and down in time with the music.}

'{Fade to the caption "NEXT DAY". Fade back. Weebl and Bob are back to their regular selves.}

WEEBL: Uh. I feel like the poop. {shocked} Hey! What happen to my mullet? Bob. You've shrunk!

BOB: {shocked} Whats happened to your voice?

WEEBL: {attempts to sing} Laaaaaaaaaaargh! I'll never sing oepra again! Holy poop! Look at baldie lee.

BOB: K. Baldie Lee. You all hairy!

HAIRY LEE: Uh huh.

BOB: If only we'd just had pie!

WEEBL: Damn you cheeses for making us this way!

{Fade to the caption "CHEESE RUINS LIVES" with the words "Just Say No!" under it. The song 'Just Say No' plays.}

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