Chris the Ninja Pirate is a mushroom who is an expert at martial arts, and who speaks and acts like a cross between a ninja and a pirate, and has been known to say "Shiver-me shurikens!". He first appeared in yarr. He wears an eyepatch in normal clothing, but has been wearing a black ninja costume (which Sensei Carrotsu thinks is "very sexy") in recent episodes. After Donkey's death, he went mad with grief, writing "why?" on the walls in feces and sculpting a model of Donkey out of his earwax. Now, whilst he seems to have mostly gotten over the death of his wife, he still apparently drinks a lot and thus his one visible eye has bags under it. His latest appearance was in destroy (a spoof of Ladytron's Destroy Everything You Touch music video) in which he pees on Bob on the side of the cliff which he mistakes for a talking hill.

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