These contributors help make Weebl's Stuff what it is today.

Contributors Edit

  • Weebl, aka Jonti Picking. Weebl runs the Weebl's Stuff website.
  • Skoo, aka Chris Vick, is a co-writer for the Weebl & Bob animations.
  • Ash is the site's main designer and technician.
  • Cheechy, is another of the site's technicians.
  • Splush, creates several games for the site.
  • Peabo, aka Peter Murray Hill. As well as doing art and animation for the On the Moon series, as well as some of Weebl's music loops and commissions, he also creates music for the site's cartoons and occassianally helps with writing.
  • Darling is Picking's wife and voices/writes for some of the cartoons.
  • Wonchop, aka Ben Smallman. is an additional animator, who has worked on animations such as's 'Guide to' series.

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