Diet is the fifty-fourth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 8th January, 2004

Summary: Back after Christmas and Bob's become a big fat knacker! Thanks to the webmonkey ash for shakey script.

Tune: Gritty Shaker - David Holmes

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

WEEBL: {singing} Sexy momma! huh! meeg! qwuerg. where's my pies? hwuuurrrgh!

{Bob bounces in, shaking the browser window (if viewed in internet explorer) and sending Weebl into the air.}

WEEBL: Lo blob... eerr... Bob.

BOB: Lo.

WEEBL: Good Christmas?

BOB: Yes.

WEEBL: What you have?

BOB: Everything. With gravys.

WEEBL: Any stuffing?

BOB: {whispering} just your mam.

WEEBL: You look a mess. You should quit your butter smuggling job.

BOB: Shut up!

{Bob whimpers.}

WEEBL: You're leaking gravys Bob.

BOB: Am not!

WEEBL: Am so.

BOB: I'm off to do some exercise.

WEEBL: K, bloatmonger.

'{Bob turns and jumps off screen, again shaking browser window and sending Weebl into the air. The "Everyday happenings.." text falls onto Weebl.}

WEEBL: {shouting} AAARGH!!

{Weebl sits silent with crossed eyes.}


{A box of esquilax flashes onscreen.}

VOICEOVER: As gentle as a rabbit. {shouting} Makes you crap like a horse!

{Cut to Bob sitting on mound of poop.}

BOB: I crapped out the fats with esquilax... though my ring is quite sore.

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