Donkey is the recently deceased spouse to Chris the Ninja Pirate who resembles a rocking horse. She was originally Weebl's girlfriend until Chris stole her from him in wrong. Her death was shown in the 100th episode after suffering from a serious accident as a result of both herself and Chris, in his words, "doing position 97 near a porthole." In the same episode, Donkey said her only word: "minge" (about which Weebl and Bob speculate on what she could have meant, à la Citizen Kane; however, Chris proves that she just "likes to swear like a fishwife"). Her demise is more sombre than the comedic deaths of some of the other characters, leading to a somewhat depressing funeral and, in "Intervention", making Chris go insane with grief. Two days after episode 100 was released, Weebl's Stuff brought out a special T-shirt dedicated to Donkey reading "Donkey 2002-2006. Rock in peace." Donkey has since been listed as a cast member in the credits of Goo-lien, although she did not appear in the episode.

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