Doods is the eighty sixth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 13th May, 2005

Summary: Bob gives us another of his informative safety cartoons.

Tune: Lovely Lovely Ladies - Bob Bobertson

Credits: Bob

Transcript Edit

TOP HAT MAN: All is well as I am have a cigar!

{A lion jumps onto Top Hat Man.}

TOP HAT MAN: Good heavens! I'm dead.

{The text "1 vs 1 = DEAD!" appears.}

PIRATE 1: Yarr! Booty.

PIRATE 2: Avast! Peanuts.

{The lion jumps on both pirates.}

LION: I'm in your base killing your doods!

MAN: Yay! I'm alive!

{The text "3 vs 1 = 1 DOOD OKAY!" appears.}

{Top Hat Man stands next to the man with his cigar in the other man's ear.}

MAN: I think you burning my ear!

TOP HAT MAN: Quite so!

MAN: Please stop.

{Knocking is heard and they open the door to see the Lion.}

MAN: Hello to you.

LION: Good Afternoon. Can I come in?

TOP HAT MAN: There is no room. Sorry.

LION: Ok. I shall be on my way.

{The text "Safety in numbers! Ask your local maths teacher for more information" appears.}

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