Egg is the fifty-first episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 25th November, 2003

Summary: Vibro Egg visits Weebl and offers to reveal the secret we all want to know...what is Weebl?! MTV episode.

Tune: Couch Puncher - Sofa Beaters int.

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

WEEBL: Pieman, pieman won't you marry me, then I could have pie for tea. Huaaaaaaargh, huuuuuurrrrrrgh.

{Vibro Egg rolls in}

WEEBL: Err, what the greasy poop are you?

VIBRO EGG: I am Vibro Egg, destroyer of worlds, father to The Mysterious Chicken, breaker of hearts.

WEEBL: Of farts?

VIBRO EGG: Hearts.

{Weebl snickers.}

VIBRO EGG: Plus I'm rather handy with my fists.

WEEBL: Fisticuffs eh?

VIBRO EGG: I am to be feared.

WEEBL: Yeah... right. So...if your an egg what am I?

VIBRO EGG: If you fear me I will tell you, I demand respect.

WEEBL: {snickers} K. Wait, alright I'm pooping my pants, tell me.

VIBRO EGG: Vibro Egg knows all, you are...

{Vibro Egg is hit by a bolt of lightning and falls over.}

WEEBL: Are what?... titty biscuits, must stop having chats near pylons.

{The following segment is a electricity marketing board notice being read by an unknown reader and comes up on screen.}

MAN FROM ELECTRICITY MARKETING BOARD: holding meetings near electricity pylons is dangerous. Just because it sounds a bit like PIE-lon doesn't mean there's hot tasty fun to be had. Only a dick plays with mister electricity. Sponsored by the electricity marketing board.

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