Elvis is the thirtieth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 25st February, 2003

Summary: Weebl lets his feminine side run riot when he hooks up with Elvis the two thirds donkey.

Tune: I Hear the Drummer - Luke Vibert

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

{Weebl is standing next to a rocking horse with Elvis's head.}

'WEEBL: Who you?

ELVIS: I'm Elvis the Two Thirds Donkey.

WEEBL: Really?

ELVIS: Uh huh huh.

WEEBL: What the other third?

ELVIS: Mostly Elvis.

WEEBL: You have nice body.

ELVIS: Thank you very much.

WEEBL: No. Thank you. Shame about the face.

ELVIS: Watch it you. I can kill with a thought.

WEEBL: {scoffs} Sure you can.

ELVIS: I'll prove it!

{A strange noise is heard as Elvis thinks.}

WEEBL: Who you think of?

ELVIS: Telly Savalas!

WEEBL: {laughing} You said ass.

ELVIS: A.K.A. Kojak.

WEEBL: But he dead!

ELVIS: Proof positive!

WEEBL: Blimey! That's amazing!

ELVIS: I am the kind of rocking.

WEEBL: Want to go for pie with me?

ELVIS: Cherry pie. Uh huh huh.

WEEBL: Just put bag over head and don't talk though. Mmmmmm. Donkey.

SINGERS: I wanna bag you up!

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