Gallery is the sixteenth episode of the series Weebl and Bob.

Posted: 25th August, 2002

Summary: Weebl and Bob turn their thoughts to art and enter a contest where pie is the pize. But disaster strikes!Aiieee

Tune: Funbags - Mr. Doek

Credits: Jonti Picking and Skoo

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WEEBL: Hot pie. Boosh! You one I want. A hot pie. Hey!

{Bob rolls onscreen.}

WEEBL: Lo bob.

BOB: Lo. There is competition for pie.

WEEBL: I know, everyone want pie! Tell me something I don't know!

BOB: It an art competition.

WEEBL: For pie?

BOB: Yes.

WEEBL: I did not know that. Chop chop then.


{Fade to Monkey, Mysterious Chicken, Chris the Ninja Pirate and Weebl and Bob all standing in front of their easels, "ART FOR PIE" appears above them, as someone sings it. We then zoom towards Monkey's image.}

MONKEY: I call this: "consumed".

{We see how Monkey made his picture.}

MONKEY: {offscreen} I used essential mix of brown hues to bring out the other elements. I didn't know I had it in me!

{Pan right to Mysterious Chicken.}

MYSTERIOUS CHICKEN: Woooooo, prepare to see my spectacular art! I like to dance.... and hide things! But I couldn't paint hiding things...

{Pan right to Chris the Ninja Pirate.}

CHRIS THE NINJA PIRATE: Yarr! This here picture be called "rock my world".

{Fade to how Chris the Ninja Pirate made his picture, with a vole cannon and voles.}

CHRIS THE NINJA PIRATE: {offscreen} I utalised my vole cannon to it's full potential. Then thee voles be loaded backwards for maximum spread. Yarr!

{Fade back to see Chris the Ninja Pirate in front of his picture of Donkey in a heart.}

WEEBL: {offscreen} Donkey!

{Pan left to Weebl and Bob}

WEEBL: I welcome you here to see my picture.

BOB: But it our picture.

WEEBL: No Bob. My picture.

BOB: But you said.

WEEBL: Shut up bob.

BOB: {quietly} wanker.

WEEBL: What you say?

BOB: Nothing.

{The unvailing of Weebl's picture shows Weebl's face on the Mona Lisa. The crowd oohs and ahhs.}

WEEBL: The pie will soon be mine!


{Pan left to show the pie tray empty.}

WEEBL: {offscreen} someone stolen the prize pie!

BOB: {offscreen} yes.

{Slowly zoom in to the empty tray while the narrator speaks.}

NARRATOR: {offscreen} Who is the genius behind this theft? Will the prized pie ever be found? Why does Chris the Ninja Pirate paint with voles? Why do birds suddenly appear everytime you are near? I'm talking to you ladies. Tune in next week.

SKOO: {offscreen} Not next week

VOICE OVER: {offscreen} Tune in soon

SKOO: that's better.

VOICE OVER: {offscreen} and find out.

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