Get well is the eighty second episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 4th March, 2005

Summary: Weebl celebrates getting over the flu with a nice looking pie.

Tune: Tinkle Splash - Burt Magic

Credits: Weebl, Skoo, and Splush

Transcript Edit

{Weebl has a pie next to him.}

WEEBL: O-oh pie. Now I finally have you... I going to rub my penis over your crust! I so glad I got over this flu. I have get well pie to celebrate.

{Bob rolls onscreen.}

BOB: But you are well.

WEEBL: Errr. I still have sniffles, look.

{Weebl sneezes and his snot lands on the pie.}

BOB: Ew.

WEEBL: Oh. That wasn't meant to happen. It still good. I can still have it...

{Bob sneezes and his snot also lands on the pie.}

BOB: Oop.

WEEBL: No! Bob! I can still have it. Its...ok... I can just eat round your snot.

BOB: Eeeww.

{Hank drops from above and into the pie.}

HANK: Oof. What the hell? Who put this pie here?

{Weebl starts tearing up.}

WEEBL: Me...

HANK: Damn it. You broke my fall. Why won't you let me die? Why?

WEEBL: My pie... I can still eat it. It still good.

{Hank farts in the pie.}

HANK: Ooh, that tickles.

WEEBL: It still good.

{A piece of poop, presumably Hank's, floats underneath the pie.}

BOB: No... it really not.

{Fade out, then back to a close up of the remains of the pie. The captain flys by.}

CAPTAIN: Ooh. Turd snot pie. Look lively shipmates. We shall dine well tonight.

PIRATE: It's not poo based again, is it?


CAPTAIN: {shouting} Silence!

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