Hank is a talking pear who was hired to design the new Team Laser Explosion logo in Team Laser Explosion 3. However, his design was rejected by Weebl because he made Weebl feel bad, so Weebl's own less-than-professional logo was used (however, Hank's design was used as the TLE logo in "Team Laser Explosion 4", which meant Weebl really liked it). Hank had his second appearance in the next episode, get well, a non-TLE episode. Weebl's criticism makes Hank suicidal, and he tries to kill himself in both of the episodes in which he appears, but he never manages it; the first time he doesn't fall far enough, and the second time his fall is broken by a pie. He was last seen as a mourner at Donkey's funeral. He replaces most of his consonants with a 'bl' sound.

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