Heist is the seventeenth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 10th September, 2002

Summary: The mystery of the stolen pie is revealed, and in true traditon, crime just doesn't pay. Lots of Skoo based help.

Tune: Nice Bit of Pointing - Weebl

Credits: Weebl

Transcript Edit

{On the floor is a chess board with certain items on it.}

WEEBL: Your move, Bob.

BOB: Captain crack in the attic. With a fork.

WEEBL: Go fish! Hmmmmm!

{Weebl stops rocking to look.}

BOB: You going to lose. My strategy unbeatable!

{Weebl begins to rock once more.}

BOB: In two moves I shall..

WEEBL: Tickle scrotum of logic topwise! Boosh! Checkmate!

BOB: You always win this. I hate playing "weebl can't lose."

WEEBL: It my favourite game.

BOB: Next time we play "bob always win".

WEEBL: But it take so long to play.

BOB: Wait! We meant to be finding something.

WEEBL: But what? Sounded like eye. A stolen eye?

BOB: Grandpa's stolen eye!

{From above the screen falls an empty pie dish onto the chess board.}

BOB: Oh. Right.

WEEBL: But who would steal grandpa's eye? Oh. How will we find the pie thief?

BOB: Yes.

{Hairy Lee rolls onscreen.}

WEEBL: Lo hairy lee.

BOB: Lo.


WEEBL: So it was you!

'HAIRY LEE: Uh huh.

BOB: Yes.

WEEBL: But how did you do it?

{We flash back to the original event, in the background Monkey, Mysterious Chicken, Chris the Ninja Pirate, Weebl and Bob are all waiting to reveal their pictures, whilst in the foreground the Prized Pie is there. From the right of the screen, a large van backs up with the words "HAIRY LEE'S BIG PIE STEALING VAN co." Hairy Lee gets out and eats the pie before getting back in and driving off.}

WEEBL: A cunningly stealthy ruse.

BOB: That's genius!


BOB: But why you steal pie?

HAIRY LEE: Pie was bomb. Now safe in gut.

WEEBL: Blimey! that not hurt?

{Hairy Lee pauses.}

BOB: Ooh.

{Hairy Lee farts and shoots off screen leaving a black mark on the floor.}

HAIRY LEE: {offscreen} Uh huh.

WEEBL: Talk about a ring of fire.

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