History2 is the seventy fourth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 29th October, 2004

Summary: The 2nd part of 'The History Of World According To Weebl and Bob': The Ice age!

Tune: Yulquen - Autechre

Credits: Weebl, Skoo, and 3D Phil

Transcript Edit

{A giant rotating globe slowly falls from the sky and hovers.}

NARRATOR: Ice, Friend or Foe? Find out with the History of the World according to Weebl and Bob. Ice Age!

{It's snowing, Weebl is encased in a large ice cube, on the edge of a circle in the ice below him. From the right hand side, Bob is also encased in ice and slides over, hitting Weebl and knocking him out of the circle and offscreen. Pan right to see Hairy Lee and Wee Bull next to each other.}

HAIRY LEE: Nice shot!

WEEBL: {off screen} Damn you wee mammoth.

{Wee Bull blows a puff of air. Unfortunately, it being cold the air from Wee Bull's nose turns into an icicle dropping from his nose and hitting the floor. The screen fades to purple, and a large icecube appears on screen.}

NARRATOR: Fortunately, ice was defeated in 1934 by Joseph Stalin.

{An image of Joseph Stalin with the words "All These Places Are Now Ice Free" with "THANK OUR GLORIOUS LEADER, COMRADE STALIN!" at the bottom.}

NARRATOR: Another win for international communism.

{The screen turns to ice floating in a cup of orange.}

NARRATOR: Now ice may only be used for cooling your beverage or freezing a kidney for transport.

{The symbol of the Soviet Union appears on a red background.}

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