History3 is the seventy fifth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 8th November, 2004

Summary: The 3rd part of 'The History Of World According To Weebl and Bob': Really really really Ancient Egypt!

Tune: Lawrence of Arabia - Lso

Credits: Weebl, Skoo, and 3D Phil

Transcript Edit

{A giant rotating globe slowly falls from the sky and hovers.}

NARRATOR: The History of the World according to Weebl and Bob. This time on the History of the World according to Weebl and Bob. Really really really Ancient Egypt.

{Peering from behind a cliff, Weebl and Bob appear, both wearing Egyptian style hats,}

WEEBL: There it is.

BOB: Yes.

{We move to behind Weebl and Bob to see a darkened sphinx outline.}

WEEBL: the ancient sphinx!

BOB: it pretty new actually.

WEEBL: If we answer its 3 riddles... we may enter its secret chamber.

BOB: Ooh.

WEEBL: Oh great sphinx. Ask us your riddles.

BOB: Yes.

SPHINX: K. Riddle one!

{We finally see that the Sphinx's face is actually its back side, gripped by two hands.}

SPHINX: Prrrfftttttt!!

WEEBL: What the ?

SPHINX: Riddle two! Prrrfftttttt!! Prrrfftttttt!! Prrrfftttttt!!

WEEBL: Blimey. This not the sphinx. It the sphinxter!

BOB: I pretty sure we not want to enter his secret chamber.

SPHINX: Prrrffttttt!!

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