Hols is the eighty eighth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 13th June, 2005

Summary: Weebl returns from his holiday. Things ensue.

Tune: Chocolate Grouting Fiasco - Cheese Freaks Wednesday

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

WEEBL: Lo Bob. You miss me?

BOB: No. Why?

WEEBL: I've been on holiday for 2 week.

BOB: Is that so?


BOB: I not notice.

WEEBL: But look at my tan!

{Weebl spins around, revealing a thong and bikini line the whole way round him.}

BOB: Is that a thong outline?

WEEBL: Of course. If you were a stylish international traveller like me... You would know you got to bare as much skin as possible for the perfect tan.

BOB: That so?


BOB: So what with the bikini top mark?

WEEBL: I can explain that.

BOB: Please do.

WEEBL: K. errrr.

{Apple Dave walks onscreen.}

WEEBL: You see... oh look, it's Apple Dave!!! Lo Apple Dave, what you been up to?

{Music plays.}

APPLE DAVE: Ooh Apple Dave! He's been busy all day... making your mum horny! Ooh Apple Dave... Can you feel the moistness in your pants? Yeah.

BOB: Who the {bleep} is Apple Dave?

WEEBL: Arhhh! You swore! You {bleep}!

BOB: What?

WEEBL: Oh. Sorry. I meant: you wanker! It good to be back!

BOB: Could you put some clothes on now though?

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