Honourable Ninja Farm is a toon about a ninja's journey in getting honey.

Posted: 23rd May, 2007

Summary: The 1st episode of Honourable Ninja Farm. The everyday tails of ordinary farming ninja folk.

Writers: Bizunth, Weebl, Skoo

Animators: Drewmo, Peabo, Weebl

Transcript Edit

{Pan right at a fence to a sign saying "HONOURABLE NINJA FARM" and a sign hanging under it saying "EPISODE ONE". Pan right again to the inside of a barn. An old man and a boy is inside.}


{The old man rubs his beard. He points right and a a beehive with two bees above it in a word bubble.}

BOY: {screams}

{The old man points and a honey comb appears in a word bubble. The comb turns to an arrow then a honey jar. He puts his hands together. The boy immediately puts his hands together also and nods.}

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