Jazz is the fourth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 9th June, 2002

Duration: 0:40

Summary: Weebl takes things down a notch and treats us with some contemporary jazz stylings.

Tune: Pie Jazz - Weebl

Credits: Jonti Picking

Transcript Edit

{Weebl is in a spotlight with a hat and sunglasses on. He's in front of a microphone.}

WEEBL: {singing} Ba ba ba baaa. The pie! A lovely pi-ie. I love the pie. We live the pie. Hurry up the pie. Mmmmmmmmm. A ba ba ba baaa. A ba ba ba baaa. A ba ba ba baaa. PIE.

{An applause is heard.}

WEEBL: Thank you. You're too kind.

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