Joust2 is the eighty fifth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 26th April, 2005

Summary: The stunning conclusion! Who will gain Donkey’s affections?!

Tune: A Team Theme and others

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

{Weebl is with Bob, Chris the Ninja Pirate and Donkey.}

WEEBL: So then. We jousting?

CHRIS: Be you asking?

WEEBL: I asking!

CHRIS: I be jousting! But only to defend donkey's honour, and to silence ye, mainly to silence ye.

WEEBL: Oh it is the on! Come Bob. We must prepare.

BOB: Me want to help Chris though.

WEEBL: Oh you do do you?

BOB: Yes.

WEEBL: Tough titties!


{Cut to Vibro Egg, in a "homie" styled hat, wearing a Jim Fixed it Chain" The picture moves in time to the music, then "Pimp My Ride" text appears.}

{Cut to Vibro Egg, Weebl and Bob next to Bob's car.}


BOB: Lo mr. eggsy bit

WEEBL: Don't I know you?

VIBRO EGG: It's possible. I just woke up from a burn induced coma. Anyway. You want us to pimp your ride?

BOB: Yes.

WEEBL: It for a joust. We using my car instead of horse.

BOB: It my car!

WEEBL: Do you see?

VIBRO EGG: No I don't see.. my retinas were burnt off in the accident.

BOB: For real?

VIBRO EGG: For real!

WEEBL: Word.

VIBRO EGG: Ok. Give me the keys and i'll get this car to west coast customs.

WEEBL: Hurrah!

BOB: Hold on! Did you just say you blind?

VIBRO EGG: Don't worry about it. I've done this hundreds of times.


{Cut to Bob's now crashed car against a lamppost and Vibro Egg.}

VIBRO EGG: Ah crap. Not again.

{Zoom out to show a garage, "West Coast Conserves - Body Shop and Freedom Fighters".}

VIBRO EGG: Well I guess this place will do.

{Cut to inside the shop, where Vibro Egg, Bob's crashed car and High Jam are.}

VIBRO EGG: What up brother? We need to get our joust on, can you pimp this in time?

JAM: I don't really know. The others are our and I'm not really supposed to do any work.

VIBRO EGG: Aw. Come on man. Your busting my yolk.

JAM: Well ok. If you're sure.

VIBRO EGG: It's not my car. Why should I care?

{High Jam is now welding to the tune of the A team.}

JAM: All done!

{Weebl and Bob join Vibro Egg and High Jam in the garage.}

VIBRO EGG: When you gave us your car it was all beat up.

BOB: No it wasn't!

VIBRO EGG: But now... we be pimpin!

{With a thud Bob's now pimped up car lands on the floor.}

BOB: Gasp!

WEEBL: Gasp!

VIBRO EGG: I can tell by your gasps you are amazed. let's take a look at your sweet new ride.

BOB: My poor car.

{Cut to graphics explaining the functions of the car, with High Jam.}

JAM: first I did the big tyres like... 'coz... it's like a tractor! then I added the mop. thats for the joust. and it's held on with gaffer tape. the can of beans are on the fr... that's a sort of... hood ornament. and the can opener on the back... I just had lying around. the beans are there to give the car the fresh smell of beans. which everyone loves.

{Cut back to Weebl, Bob, Vibro Egg and High Jam in the garage.}

WEEBL: How I supposed to drive that?

BOB: Very carefully.

JAM: What? Don't you like it?


VIBRO EGG: You've officially been pimped!

WEEBL: Quiet you. Well it nearly time for joust. Bob.

BOB: Yes.

JAM: Better put these tools away.

WEEBL: If anything happen to me I want you to take my place in dule.

{A hammer flys in from the right and breaks Vibro Eggs yolk, killing him.}

BOB: But...

WEEBL: Thank you Bob. You a true friend.

BOB: But...

WEEBL: Yes. A true friend. AGHH!

BOB: What up?

WEEBL: I stub my toe! Or bang my thumb. I not think I can go on.

BOB: Which is it? Toe or thumb?

WEEBL: Which ever one more serious.

BOB: Oh no!

WEEBL: Look like you will have to fight for me.

BOB: Oh no!

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