Kitty Bash is a Whac-A-Mole type game where you hit cats with a "kitty hammer" as they come out of pans. After playing the game, you'll see a white screen with a comment in red words based on your current score.

Posted: 7th March, 2003

Summary: Bash the lovely fluffy kittens with huge hammers.

Comments Edit

  • Did you go to "St Johns School for I Dont Knows"? Or to put it another way, JO-EEEY!!
  • What's up? Some kind of animal-loving sissy? Your score sucks!
  • Weak. So Very Very Weak.
  • Mother. Mother. I killed a kitty!
  • Average. Like most of the things in your life no doubt.
  • Yeah well...Not to shabby. Try again.
  • Woo! Yay! Not bad. Your some kid of kitty killing machine! Your momma must be proud.
  • Ah yeah. Death to all kittys. Your skills are god like.
  • Ok. Your Beginning to scare me now. Thats some kind of freaky assed score.
  • Thats to much kitty bashing for you today. Back to your Cell for you.

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