Krentz and the Hand of Shame is the first in a series of toons about a man named Krentz and a hand.

Date: 26th February, 2006

Summary: A new toooooooooooon by David Homfraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. WATCH IT!

Transcript Edit

KRENTZ: Make a sentence out of these

{Cut to a hand.}

HAND: On! On! On! On! On! On! On! On!

{Cut to Krentz.}

{Cut back to the hand.}

HAND: On! On! On! On! On! On! On! On!

'{A horse appears in Krentz's mouth.}

HAND: Beach speeeeech.

KRENTZ: Let's go see Graaak.

HAND: I'll just finish this...

{The hand knocks a frisbee into what appears to be a child, but candy is revealed to be in him after the frisbee cuts him in half.}

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