Kungfu is the sixty ninth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 2nd August, 2004

Summary: Chris kicks some serious donkey, er, I mean ass, in his very own feature film! It's about time!

Tune: Funk Stance - Fighting Fuckateers

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

{A black film logo appears for CRAP - Confused Recordings (ASIA) Productions. Then a chinese symbol appears, below in subtitles "PRESENT" is stated.}

{Cut to a purple background with Chris the Ninja Pirate standing in the middle. To the left is chinese letters and a black line across Chris's face is the words "CROUCHING BEHINDYA HIDDEN WELL" in red letters. During which Chris tries to appear onscreen.}

NARRATOR: Crouching Behindya Hidden Well. An action packed martial arts adventure

CHRIS: This title sequence be blocking my face.

{There is a mumble off screen.}

CHRIS: I know. but I can't see.

{The titles disappear.}

CHRIS: Yarr! 'Tis gone!

{STARRING CHRIS THE NINJA PIRATE appears in large letters obscuring Chris.}

CHRIS: By blue beards nunchucks!

{With his sword, he swipes at the letters as they disappear. An empty Jade pie appears on screen.}

NARRATOR: When the villager's jade pie is stolen.

{A girl comes onscreen.}

NARRATOR: Only one man can save them...

GIRL: Eeeek!

NARRATOR: ...from the lack of pie.

{We see Mysterious Chicken doing battle with Chris.}

CHRIS: hai yarrrr!

{Chris jumps up and slams Mysterious Chicken on the head before landing on the floor. We zoom in.}

CHRIS: get stuffed... turkey face!

MYSTERIOUS CHICKEN: {offscreen} I'm not a turkey. I'm a chicken.

{Shopkeep appears with a fork in his hand. Subtitles onscreen state "Without pie there is only chaos".}

NARRATOR: Without pie there is only chaos.

{Shopkeep drops his fork.}

SHOPKEEP: I've dropped my fork!

{The girl comes onscreen.}

GIRL: eeeek!

{Hairy Lee is donning a large white beard and standing next to Chris.}

HAIRY LEE: hmmmmm. your kung-fu strong. but you lack technique.

CHRIS: teach me very hairy lee.


{Writing appears with "SEE NEVER SEEN BEFORE MARTIAL ART TECHNIQUE" on screen with chinese writing, the narrator says it. Chris appears with pirate gin and in the top left corner the words "DRUNKEN PIRATE" are shown.}

NARRATOR: Drunken Pirate.

CHRIS: I'l take ye all on..

{Chris collapses on the floor drunk. Chris appears and we zoom out to see him standing on Monkey, the words "MONKEY STANCE" in the top left corner.}

NARRATOR: Monkey Stance

MONKEY: Get off me!

{A blue shoe appears with the writing "BLUE SHOE" in the top left corner" along with some cheesy shopfloor music.}

NARRATOR: Blue shoe.

{Hairy Lee appears in the middle, talking directly to the audience.}

HAIRY LEE: Fear not man who practice thousand attacks once. fear man who practice one attacks, thousand times.

{We see Weebl trying to rock but hitting his head on a board placed directly before him.}

NARRATOR: Crouching Behindya Hidden Well. Coming to a discount video store, soon.

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