Lard man is the first in the series of toons about a man made of lard.

Posted: 26th April, 2003

Summary: The exciting adventures of Lard man.

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{We start at a white screen with Lard Man. The words "Lard Man" point to him.}

SINGERS: Lard Man!

{It changes to the words "do do do do do doo" getting smaller.}

SINGERS: Do do do do do doo.

{Cut to a picture of an astronaut on the moon. Lard Man is next to a flag. The words "Your life is" is under him.}

SINGERS: Your life is...

{Cut to a black and white picture of John F. Kennedy in a car. Lard Man is in the audience. The words "An exciting adventure" is at the bottom of the screen.}

SINGERS: An exciting adventure.

{Cut back to the white screen with Lard Man, only the arrow under the words "Lard Man" is stuck in his head. Lard Man looks up at it.}

SINGERS: {high-pitched} Lard Man!

{It fades to a sign saying "Talent Show" at the left of the screen. Lard Man walks onscreen and looks at the viewer. He jumps and an applause is heard. He then walks offscreen.}

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