Lurgie is the eighty ninth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 2nd July, 2005

Summary: Bob gets forced to look at Weebl's holiday snaps.

Tune: Wednesday's Goat - Kedgeree Cloud Eyes

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

{Weebl appears through a sphincter.}

WEEBL: {singing} And that is why I going be eating your pie before too long! Lo Bob!

{Bob's eye farts, giving him a wider view of Weebl.}

BOB: Oh it you! Lo.

WEEBL: You ok? You seem different.

BOB: No, I fine.

{Cut to a normal shot of Weebl and Bob.}

BOB: Honest.

WEEBL: Aah. Then you must be here to see my holiday photo.

BOB: Well actually I on the way to see the doctors.

WEEBL: {interrupting} Good. I have it with me.

BOB: Oh good

WEEBL: Yes. Very good. You very lucky I caught you.

BOB: Yes. Very lucky

{Weebl pulls out a picture in a frame of a desert.}

WEEBL: Here it is!

BOB: Where?

WEEBL: You blind? It right here

{Bob's eye farts.}

BOB: Oh yes. Very nice

WEEBL: Isn't it? And look here.

BOB: I not sure...

WEEBL: Look at it!

{Bob's eye farts.}

BOB: OK, I look.

WEEBL: That my new best friend he is a fireman!

BOB: Very nice. What his name?

WEEBL: I don't know.

BOB: Look. I really need to get something check out.

WEEBL: Fine. Fine. In a minutes. I not finish showing you my photo.

BOB: But I looked at it already!

WEEBL: Ahh. But you not seen all the detail. There much to point out.

BOB: I really got to go soon!

WEEBL: See here in corner?

{Bob's eye farts.}

BOB: What? The camel?

WEEBL: No. Other corner.

{Bob's eye farts.}

BOB: The tree?

WEEBL: That my facourite kind of tree. And if you look down here...

BOB: Oh man!

{Bob's eye farts and feces goes all over Weebl's face.}

BOB: Oop!

WEEBL: Blimey! Bob. You have the bumeyes?

BOB: Shhhh!

{Apple Dave and Chris The Ninja Pirate enters.}

BOB: Don't tell everyone. It embarrassing!

WEEBL: What? Having bumeyes?

{The Mysterious Chicken enters.}

BOB: Yes

{Hairy Lee enters.}

WEEBL: Bumeyes like you have?

BOB: Yes!

{Two children enters.}

WEEBL: {louder} How you catch bumeyes like you have, Bob?

{The Jams enter.}

BOB: By being spray with eye poo.

WEEBL: {laughs} Oh.

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