Merchandise is the thirty fifth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 20th May, 2003

Summary: Manny and Poofbird take the reins just as everything falls apart! Cut to the commercials, quick!

Tune: Fly Me to the Moon Instrumental for Test Card and Mr Scruff - Happy Band for Advert

Credits: Manny and Poofbird

Transcript Edit

WEEBL: Want pie now...

{Weebl ceases to rock, the music stops, and he then collapses upon himself. His eyes roll away from his main body, which is now lying in a heap on the floor.}

WEEBL: How rare.

{The speech bubble collapses, followed by the rest of the objects on the screen. Error sounds are heard as, followed by a mock up testcard image featuring Weebl & Bob and a background song.}

{Below it is the text: Temporary fault, we apologise for any inconvenience. Here have some adverts.}

{Cut to a shot of a twitching mother in a kitchen.}

VOICEOVER: Hi mom, children getting you down?...

{Cut to a shot of a babbling child, with a Linkin Park and a US army enlistment poster on his wall.}

VOICEOVER: Well here's the perfect solution, the new Wobbling Weebl action figure from Pie Tech. The perfect thing to keep your child occupied.

{Cut to a shot of the action figure.}

VOICEOVER: It talks, it wobbles, it teaches. In fact its so fantastically entertaining, we'll guarantee your child will never be bored again.

{Cut to the text: minutes later.}

{Cut to a shot of the child, lying in front of the figure in amazement while it speaks to him.}


VOICEOVER: Never be bored again.

{Cut to the text: many hours later.}

KID: Wow, cool man.

VOICEOVER: Never be bored again.

{Certain points on the action figure's head split open, revealing a vast array of gadgets and weapons. The camera zooms in on one of the cannons, followed by a missile being fired out of it.}

{Scene cuts to the mother who hears the explosion, looks up, and smiles.}

{Cut back to action figure.}

VOICEOVER: Please note: batteries not included. Ammunition sold separately. Other characters available and may look different from model shown. For external use only. May be slippery when wet.

{Cut to the text: And now back to our normal programming [pie TV].}

WEEBL: Want pie now.

{Weebl head blows up, with only his eyes returning back to the ground afterwards.}

POOFBIRD: {off screen} Oh crap.

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