Moon Hitler after his testicle is stolen

Moon Hitler first appeared in episode two piloting his bipedal robot after Insanity Prawn Boy stole his left testicle. Presumably inhabits the Nazi Moon Base featured in episode one. He speaks in German, but was briefly dubbed because The Toast King would have ignored him otherwise. Moon Hitler speaks in an extremely high-pitched German dialect, presumably as a parody of Adolf Hitler's voice. Insanity Prawn Boy prank called him at the end of episode 4 and attempted to wrap the moon up as a present for the Toast King in episode five, but ends up trapping an angry Moon Hitler in the process. Moon Hitler is shown in episode seven trying to use the robot claw to remove one of the squid, and later runs across the screen screaming "Ich kann nichts sehen!" (I can't see anything!), with a horde of squid on his robot. It is implied that Moon Hitler enjoys schnitzel, fried veal or pork that is breaded, by his catchphrase of "SCHNITZEL HAUSEN!", or "the house of schnitzel". It may also express a need or want to build a Viennese or Austrian restaurant at his Nazi Moon Base mentioned in episode one, as schnitzel is an Austrian and Slavic dish. Insanity Prawn Boy had also stolen Moon Hitler's testicle, which he had mistaken/called a big fat doobie, causing an angry Moon Hitler to demand it back, this is a joke on the WWII song "Hitler has only got one ball".

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