Moon Keith Moon after a crash landing

Moon Keith Moon is based on Keith Moon, the drummer for the band The Who. First seen in episode 3 where his rocket crashes into the Toast King's apartment, he was actually aiming at Moon Hitler, but he lost his concentration when he imagined a "really cool beat". The Toast King remarks about his drumming saying, "You may be dead, but you've still got it where it counts Moon Keith Moon." Moon Keith Moon makes another appearance in episode 6 where he is seen having a conversation with Insanity Prawn Boy, and as a passenger in the rocket that Insanity Prawn Boy has stolen "You have no hair Mr Made of the Dust!". He is also seen briefly in episode 7, with one of Insanity Prawn Boy's squid family stuck to him. In episode 11, he is attacked by one of the aliens spurting from the alien eggs which Insanity Prawn boy had hidden for a Moon Easter Egg-Hunt at the request of the Toast King.

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