Mr Stabby is the first in a series of toons about the knife-wielding maniac.

Date: 2003

Summary: The first Mr Stabby Cartoon.

Transcript Edit

{The opening theme plays.}

{Mr. Stabby walks into a building labeled "SWIMMING BATHS".}

{Cut to inside the building. Mr. Stabby walks by the rules, which says "WARNING": "No Diving", "No Petting", "No Running", "No Shouting", and "No Defecating". People's voices are heard in the background.}

{Cut an aqua screen saying "10 MINUTES LATER". The voices in the background turns to screams.}

{Cut back to the building. Mr. Stabby walks by the rules again and the lifeguard go after him, but stops at the rules. He then writes "NO DROWNING PUPPIES" on it.}

{Cut to an aqua background saying "FIN" in blood. The theme song plays in loops.}

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