The opening for each "On The Moon" episode

Anything can happen On The Moon (shortened to On The Moon) is a series set on the Moon that concerns the bizarre life of the satellite's inhabitants. Whilst not as successful as Weebl and Bob, On The Moon has gained a large fanbase since its conception, and was even popular enough to have its own collection on Newgrounds. There have been two games based on the series.

Episodes Edit

See Toons#On the Moon for a full list of episodes.

Each episode starts with a view of the moon with a narrator then introducing the viewer to the episode.

Characters Edit

See On the Moon characters for all of the characters

The regular characters are the Toast King and Insanity Prawn Boy. They meet others along the way.

Trivia Edit

  • Various "homages" can be seen throughout the episodes to various space opera and science-fiction shows. They are as follows:
    • The Death Star in Episode 6
    • The Monolith from 2001 in Episode 7.
    • Space Invaders is referenced in Episode 8.
    • A Saiyan space pod from Dragonball Z also appears in the background of Ep. 8.
    • HAL 9000 is the name of the computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
    • Discovery One, also from 2001 flies by on the background.
    • The Enterprise-D from Star Trek: The Next Generation, powering up to go to warp.
    • The Facehuggers and the Alien Queen from the Alien film series
    • DangerMouse's spacecar in Episode 12.
    • Red Dwarf in Episode 13
  • Other items flying through the background:
    • Four shooting stars and an artificial satellite in Episode 1
    • A Space Shuttle in Episode 2
    • The TARDIS from Doctor Who in Episode 15
    • A UFO in Episode 4
    • Santa Claus and his reindeer in Episode 5
    • The "fun planet" from Space is Fun in Episode 9
    • The frozen rabbit from the Weebls-Stuff toon "Walk In The Woods in Episode 14
  • In episode 4 when Insanity Prawn Boy prank calls "England circa 1880"
    • Scrolling down a screen behind Insanity Prawn Boy is the word "BLEASCHMNN", which would become the title of another Weebls-Stuff Flash Animation, which is also animated by Peabo.
    • The man from "England circa 1880" is wearing the same shirt as Tom Hanks in 'Demolition Squid."
  • Prawns are crustaceans, but squid and octopuses are molluscs. This "family" relation is explained in Prawn To Be Wild when Insanity Prawn Boy becomes trapped in a cave with some squid.
  • The Toast King and Insanity Prawn Boy make a brief cameo in another Weebl's Stuff cartoon, Marrow (the winning entry of the Weebl's Stuff forum animation competition). The Toast King appears in place of the Queen on a £5 'Bank of the Moon' note with the serial number H5OD OTMOON, and Insanity Prawn Boy is on a 50p coin in the place of Britannia.
  • In the Weebl and Bob episode, "Cold", Weebl installs air-conditioning and explains (in song-form) that the Earth's heat is being sent to the Moon, via a pipe, to cool down the planet. The camera then moves into a shot of the Moon, where we can hear the voices of the Toast King (TK) and Insanity Prawn Boy (IPB):
    • TK: Is it me, or is it unseasonably warm for a place with no atmosphere?
    • IPB: That's right!
  • The HAL 9000 in Episode 10 is running Mac OS X. Ironically, Mac OS X does not come with Minesweeper default, as Windows operating systems do; however, one can download a "clone" of it, though these usually have inferior graphics or gameplay to the original. This is alluded to by the HAL 9000's installer.

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